How to Benefit Fully from Your Customs Broker


Customs brokers are very important for anyone engaged in international trade because they save you from so many hassles such as the need to keep abreast of all the changes to customs regulations. This article discusses some items you can include in the agreement you sign with him or her so that you can get the best out of the customs broker you have engaged.

Round the Clock Support

Many issues can come up as your goods are being shipped to another country. For instance, a customs official may point out an error that was made on the declaration forms. That error may prevent your goods from being cleared so it is important that you have 24/7 access to your customs broker so that any hitches are resolved as soon as possible. It is for this reason that you should include a clause that assures you of round the clock support in the event that you need help outside normal business hours.

A Single Person of Contact

It is much better for you (and your business) if there is one person that you go to each time you need help from the customs brokerage firm. That person of contact gets to understand your unique needs so he or she is in a position to tailor their services to those special needs. That is why your agreement with the customs broker should indicate that you would have a single person of contact for all your interactions with that company.

Expected Response Times

Your agreement with the customs broker should also set standards regarding when you should expect a response to any queries you raise. This is because in business, time is really money. For instance, a delay to clear your goods due to the filing of erroneous papers can cost you money since the shipping company will bill you for that delay. Agree on response standards like an explanatory call from your customs broker within six hours replying to any question you have asked. Such clauses will ensure that you get a speedy response to your concerns and your business activities will not grind to a halt as you wait for clarification from the customs broker.

Both parties (you and the customs broker) need to play their part if the business relationship is to be mutually beneficial. Play your part by negotiating the best possible service level agreement that includes the areas above and you will have no regrets.

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16 September 2015

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